I had the pleasure of supervising Leandro for a little over a year. He brings creativity, originality, leadership and intelligence to any project he is involved in. Intellectually versatile. When a topic is unfamiliar or new concepts are put forward, Leandro listens, learns and adjusts quickly, and is soon making a full and useful contribution to the conversation.
— David Drey, Former Digital Marketing Director Americas, Marcus Evans

With little to no resources, I focused on earning media attention. I relied on my knowledge of the Latin American culture and developed relationships with decision makers, editors and journalists within some of the biggest publications in the region. For this summit, I successfully pitched America Economía (Chile), Foro Recusos Humanos Radio (Spain), BloombergBrief, among others.

Date: June 2015
Location: Panama City, Panama
Audience: 100+ VPs and CEOs
Media Partners: 6


The Latin American HR Summit in Panama is an exclusive event that Marcus Evans organizes to bring together solution providers and end users. Marcus Evans invite decision makers who are in the market for industry specific solutions and matches them with the providers based on specified criteria. These business rounds become a solid business development tool for the providers, and a reliable market place for the end users.

Even though Marcus Evans' summits are well known in North American, Asia, Europe, and Africa, in Latin America they are still new. The challenge then was to present the brand, establish connections, and get featured in media channels with the purpose of generating sales leads. 

By doing extensive research on Latin American media outlets and establishing relationships with their leaders, we were able to get featured to mass audiences. The new exposure to the market generated many leads that were transformed into sales. Simultaneously, we utilized Linkedin to research and connect with high profile thought leaders, who helped us amplify our message within their networks.