Apprecia is a leadership and change management consultant firm located in Bogotá, Colombia. 


Visual Design
Activating Media Partner channels required visual assets to communicate important details about the workshops. While learning the basics of visual design and photoshop, I experienced the full creative process that goes along with developing marketing assets for the web. In the end, I produced and adapted visual designs that were published on AMCHAM and El Espectador.

Email Marketing
In the face of a changing environment there are individuals that lead change and those who embrace it, but there are also those who fear it and some that oppose it. As Apprecia was preparing to host a two day workshop on Change Management and Leading Positive Change, I focused on email marketing campaigns with the goal of increasing awareness and generate sales leads for the event.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.18.07 PM.png

Email Campaign: "El Cambio está en el Aire."
I assisted in the development of copy for the "El Cambio está en el Aire" marketing campaign and managed the six week email campaign directed at Human Resources professionals and decision makers. The objective was to generate sales leads and achieve full attendance to the event. I built an automated workflow that resulted in a 10% increase in awareness. A sales team would then contact those who opened the emails to qualify the leads and close sales for the event.


Marketing Asset Design
I created marketing assets such as the one shown above which were used to promote the event through the media partner's websites, newsletters and social media properties. The challenge was to communicate that the products were being bundled into a two day workshop, while maintaining their individual branding. Along with Apprecia's CEO, we opted for calling the bundle a "duet" and opted for the diagonal dividing line to connect the product images to stay consistent with the product's landings pages and looks.