It was a great pleasure to work with Leandro. He is a proactive professional with excellent communication skills. He is able to overcome obstacles and has delivered an impeccable event. I greatly appreciate all the support on my presentation and thank you for organizing such a brilliant event.
— Samuel Lloyd, Marketing Manager LATAM, VisitBritain

My strategy focused on bringing very knowledgeable yet entertaining speakers. A key element to the success of the agenda was the balance between public tourism organizations, private destination companies, and CPG marketing professionals. I also focused on bringing representatives from as many countries as possible. Speakers from Mexico, Costa Rica, Aruba, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and United States, addressed an audience of 100+ participants recognized as leaders of the most recognized touristic organizations in Latin America.

Date: September 2014
Location: Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
Speakers: 32
Audience: 100+ Managers, Directors and VPs
Media Partners: 6
Sponsors: 3


Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in Latin America. In some countries it is the main or second source of national income. This Large Scale Event, as denominated by Marcus Evans Latam, was the region's first multi-track convention.

Marcus Evans' Americas CEO selected me to spearhead the Large Scale Event team. As the first event of this magnitude in the region, I faced the challenge of designing the process and materials to replicate the process. The topic also was new to Marcus Evans Latam, which presented the challenge of being a newcomer to the industry and to the region.

We maintained the same structure as a regular conference in order to keep teams engaged and on time. We extended the time invested on research, in order to develop relevant sessions and connect with thought leaders. We focused on building a 5-star speaker roster and we partnered up with airlines and hotels to facilitate the speaker's travel arrangements. All of this helped build an experience around the conference, speakers, and location.