Leandro is an excellent professional. His innovative, strategic and managerial approach maximized the relationship between knowledge and communication
— Gloria Gutiérrez, Head of Communications and P.R., Nissan Colombia

My strategy focused on painting a clear and motivating vision of how the event would look like. In the narrative I highlighted the intention of creating a community of professionals in the region. Speakers from Microsoft, LAN Airlines, SAB Miller, U.S. Embassy in Colombia, Unicef, Siemens, Nestlé, Ecopetrol, among others, spoke, at no cost, in front of 50+ participants recognized as leaders of the top 100 companies of Colombia and Latin America.

Date: March 2013
Location: Bogotá, Colombia
Speakers: 21
Audience: 50+ Managers, Directors and VPs
Media Partners: 4


The Latin American markets keep growing at a constant pace. Companies therefore must keep up, and re-invent themselves faster. The role of the Communicator has become very relevant within the companies that operate in the region. Marcus Evans Latam organized and delivered the IV Annual Corporate Communications Conference by bringing together over 20 speakers from major multinational corporations with presence in the region to deliver their knowledge and share their best practices.

Being in charge of organizing the 4th edition of the Corporate Communications Conference in Bogotá, Colombia, presented the challenge of exceeding expectations in both content and quality of speakers. The research showed that the hot topics for the industry remained the same as the previous year, which turned the challenge into a matter of differentiation. The constant question was: How are we going to be better than last year?

We left the theory aside, and focused specifically on actionable content. In other words, we selected speakers based on their proven best practices and thought leadership. By working with the speakers individually,
we were able to craft presentations that presented a
desired result for the audience, and the steps, tools or
practices to achieve it.