I realized that Leandro has talent for communicating with people. The event was a success because he was able to handle issues and adapt to unexpected situations quickly.
— Glubertti Carrasco Campos, Former Sr. Reward Manager, HSBC México

My strategy focused on gathering important research testimonials and synthesizing the information into appealing sessions. Establishing communication channels with thought leaders and leveraging their influence to generate interest in the conference was key in its success. Speakers from Kraft Foods, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Schneider Electric, UPS,  among others, spoke, at no cost, in front of 50+ participants recognized as leaders of the top 100 companies of México and Latin America.

Date: March 2013
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Speakers: 21
Audience: 50+ Managers, Directors and VPs
Media Partners: 2
Sponsors: 1


One of the major challenges for Mexican companies is to retain and attract talent. Companies have long recognized that different generations have different professional motivations, which is why they have been investing resources into the design of differentiated compensation and benefit packages for their employees. Over 20 speakers from major multinational corporations shared their best practices and case studies in the II Annual Compensation & Benefits Conference. 

As the second edition of this conference we still needed to earn the attention of the audience and establish the event as a reputable source or professional development. Therefore, the program needed to be interesting and innovative, but also attractive to sponsor companies in order to drive new revenue for Marcus Evans Latam.

By conducting phone interviews with industry leaders from recognized multinationals, we were able to uncover the pain points for professionals in this discipline. Empathizing with our audience allowed us to craft a relevant agenda, which also played an important role in securing the sponsor for the event.